Thursday, 8 May 2014

Special Puja and Parikarama at Mount Kailash

The glowing tributes to the Hindu god of dissolution Lord Shiva in the ancient texts (Skanda Puranas) epitomize his pantheon in the Hindu trinity. Mount Kailash Manasarovar is also revered as the dwelling place for the Lord and Goddess Parvati and that Yatra (pilgrimage) to this holy mountain is considered an auspicious duty at least once in the lifetime of the devotees.

The significance of this Mountain and Lake has rendered many devotional tales and visions that despite the strenuous and difficult nature of the Yatra, Hindu devotees and other religions like the Buddhists, Jains, Bonpos and many Yatri’s from around the world exult in its peaceful effect.

There are several reasons why this Yatra to Lord Shiva’s dwelling finds such adulation and respect. According to mythology, performing Parikrama of the holy mountain cleanses and removes away one’s sins. Parikrama is a ritual in Hindu devotions or prayers of circumambulating a revered site like Mt Kailash (108 Parikarama associated with Lord Shiva’s many manifestations and names delivers total enlightenment), it’s also believed and venerated by the Yatri’s and adherents that ritual baths (Snan) in the holy lake Manasarovar cleanses and removes away sins of a lifetime. A drink of its revered waters takes away the sins of takes away the sins of hundred rebirths or lifetimes.

Special Kailash Puja and Parikarama are part of the itinerary for Yatri’s to the revered dwelling of Lord Shiva, God of Dissolution in the Hinduism.

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