Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Kailash – Manasarovar Pilgrimage

For a life of peace and blessing those who embark on this pilgrimage (Kailash Yatra) do accomplish one major belief, believe they are renewed and revived if they offer to do Kailash Yatra to Lord Shiva’s Abode. 
There are some necessary precautions on the body and spirit that are mandatory for a successful pilgrimage.

Precautions and Safety 

Health and Fitness
Important physical fitness and health is of the essence given the inhospitable and demanding nature of terrain on the body. It takes certified physically fit humans to endure the rigour of high mountain range trekking.

Altitude Acclimatization
Altitude often impacts the human body in many especially higher reaches and heights. For a successful Yatra pilgrims are required to acclimatize with change in altitude, weather and temperature fluctuations.

Limited Oxygen
Higher entails limited breathable oxygen, pilgrims have to make sure they adapt and can endure the changed weather pattern for safety and good health.

In the event of cold weather the body drops temperature very fast and pilgrims are cautioned to carry warm and lighter clothing. The high altitude ranges are subject to weather fluctuations and changes on consistent basis.

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